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I just found your website dedicated to the incomparable Greg Lake. He is not only the pre-eminent vocalist of all times, but his lyrics read like poetry to me. They have both a personal, and an archetypal level to them that move me through a labyrinth of emotions every time I listen to his music. I remember exactly where I was when I first heard Lucky Man, and that vocal froze me in my steps. He is, and will always be the artist that many wish they were. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to express their appreciation for this extraordinary man. I hope to be a frequent visitor to your site. I appreciate your extraordinary effort to keeping Greg, and his music relevant.

Pamela Devereux, USA

December 10, 2013

I wanted to send each of you Ladies of the Lake a big thank you for keeping the site full of surprizes. All of you do an exceptional job and I just wanted to say thank you for keeping the "Lake" in all of us who have been loyal fans and friends of his for all these years.

Di Welsh

July 11, 2011

Just a "thank you" note in appreciation for allowing me the privilege to see and hear more than I had ever hoped for! My first memory of Mr. Lake was watching him in concert (ELP) late one night and watching in amazement as this awesome voice serenaded me. I was maybe 13 and I do remember the crush and daydreams that consumed me for the next few months. I let go of some of the daydreams but never forgot the talented man that could sing such beautiful lyrics and chew gum at the same time! When my 15 year old daughter introduced me to YouTube, I looked up Greg Lake and "bam". I'm back in the 70's daydreaming again!! Again, thank you so very much for allowing me the pleasure of re-living a most wonderful time in my life!! and Happy Christmas, thank you for such an awesome gift! : 0 ) !!

Amanda Hernandez

Dec. 24, 2007

A few months back, I stumbled (quite happily) upon your website. I have to say, this is such a well done and complete website!!! Pat yourselves on the back. It has taken me hours to go through it. You have not only done the wonderful and talented Greg Lake justice but ELP and all related works justice. Again, thank you for all of your hard work on the website and keep it up. Love the pics.

Ellen Helm


Nov. 23, 2006

Thank you so much for all of your help and for keeping such a great site!! There are times when I feel ELP and each of them individually have fallen by the wayside. At least that's the feeling that I get with New Hampshire radio stations! I'm very glad for sites like this and Greg's own site! And I forgot about to mention the great job you do on too. Thanks again for all your help and for all the good work you do!!

You ladies are doing a wonderful job!!!

Johanna Morgan

May 23, 2006

Just found Ladies of the Lake while searching for feedback on Greg's Chesterfield gig. Thought I'd congratulate you on a great site.



Nov. 20, 2005

I have to tell you, I love your website. So many great photos. Bless you! This site of yours is awesome, and because of it, I got to vote for ELP being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (which, if they dont put ELP in there, I am going call "Hall of Shame" like some others already are doing). I have checked out may ELP sights, but this one gets my vote as best one!


Shelby, OH

May 27, 2004




May 10, 2004

A million thanks for the website and tribute to Greg Lake!! I have adored him since the 70's--to me, he is the hottest man alive!!! It's so wonderful to see so many pictures of him and know he is alive and well. My dream is to see him perform live---just ONCE!!!



Middleburg, Florida

May 5, 2004

I have to thank you again for your wonderful web site! I have spent many happy hours reading the articles, perusing the memorabilia, and staring slack-jawed at the great photos! Yes, those glorious, amazing photos :-)


Chicago, IL

April 12, 2004

I stumbled across the site by pure luck and was fascinated by the amount of old stuff in here. Truly, I am more impressed with your site than ELP's official site. There is so much more here for the diehard ELP fan. Bravo to you.

Janusz Pluta

Brantford, Ontario Canada

Mar. 29, 2004

[As posted on a discussion board] I also love ELP; maybe this is old news for many of you, but I recently found a link to over 50+ classic ELP articles/interviews here:

If -- like me -- you were a fan "back in the day" (I was 11 when I turned on to ELP), revisiting these old articles is a blast, a great trip back to a time when musicianship mattered and when rock musicians were bigger than life. Very cool reading, and lots of it!

Thanks, Eileen, for such a great, comprehensive ELP resource. Your work has hELPed me re-live a part of my past that I love very much. Take care.

kErrY kOMpOsT

Nov. 20, 2003

[In response to the above] There's a lot to explore, and it's frequently updated. I'm on another forum with the webmistress, Eileen, who is a sweetheart and relentless in her pursuit of things ELP...particularly "L"! She'll be tickled to hear she got a plug here; it's fair trade for the SB [Spock's Beard] plugs I've dropped on the other message board. On her behalf, Thanks!


Nov. 20, 2003

Thank you for giving ELP fanatics like me a great site to visit and one of the coolest names ever. Thank you for your time and for keeping the genius of ELP alive and well.



I just came across this site and wanted to congratulate you on a job well done. Thanks so much for including my letter & ticket stubs to your web page and I sincerely hope others will discover your site and follow suit. It's an honor to be a part of your web site and I'm sincerely glad I was able to contribute to it.

Gary Wright


...The Ladies of the Lake site...incredibly well done. I have been a huuuuuge ELP fan since high school. (am now 41, YIKES!) whole site was informative with things I've never seen b4, and I've done a lot of looking. Keep up the good work, and I'll be exploring the site more often in the future.

Danny Groat

Hugo, OK


Hi! Let me say you all have a very thorough, well put together site and I was excited to stumble upon it. All in all, I think you are a bunch of classy people for recognizing some great music and a very fine artist and producer. I wish you all a splendid Holiday season, and may your Gods always give you big hugs and shine his light upon you.



Hi ladies; First off, great site. I love it. It`s great to meet ELP/ Greg Lake fans of all ages and different sexes. Your website as well as the new official one are really well done. I hope to be viewing this more in the future.

You ladies are really hardcore Lake fans. I thought I was one of the few that counted him as one of my fave performers. But you ladies really went to town on this site. And I`m sure being with you all being ladies, you all find him attractive [WebMistress' note: nah, we're just in it for the music ;-)]. Let`s just say I won`t go that far. You girls are the best judges of that.

It`s high time some people have finally given Greg the recognition he truly deserves



Hey I really like your Greg Lake web site at




first, forgive me about my english, im from brazil and my english is very poor

in a brief resume, im a professional musician, keyboard player, working since i was 18, actually i have 36, and the "guiltys, are this three guys, E,L and P

i found your site looking for pictures and sheet music of ELP and take a lot of this wonderfull material you all put in the site then i remenber that i had this pictures and send to you to thanks for all good stuff i read in the site

Adriano, Brazil


A big thank you to the three "Ladies of the Lake" (foxy women each one I might say!) for the great website honoring Greg and his accomplishments!!


Roanoke, VA


Subj: This is a great site, Eileen! It's really developed into something classy!!! Awesome website. Eileen is a genius and I think Greg Lake should contact her personally, or better yet, fly her to one of his concerts!!! Eileen, you rock!

Date: 7/23/02 9:53:01 PM Eastern Daylight Time



My sistah...I had all their albums....we had a chick in high school who played "lucky man" on the jukebox 5 times per hour...I hated that song but they were still one of the best...CARRY ON !!!!!!!!!!

July 10, 2002

Hi i'm Roby and i write you from Italy I grew with the music of the fantastic Trio and i saw again together in 1978 in Milan, the city in what i live. I woul like to know If they come bak to compose music together

Thank for your diponibility!

July 2, 2002

Great site !!

I've been an ELP fan since '74 ( and they're still my favourite ).

I have come across some really interesting details of the band on your web pages. Thanks for the info.


June 5, 2002

A... very sweet site dedicated to Greg Lake. [You] might care to consider linking to us at on account of the many GL/PJS er, 'collaborations!!' (Hi Val ;-) I will explore your site even more when I have a moment or 3.

Peter Sinfield

April 20, 2002

Hi friend

Itīs a Great page ....

I have seen EL&P here in Rio de Janeiro Brazil for 3 times.

Thanks for all and if possible keep in contact.


March 30, 2002

I was a big ELP fan (esp. L) from about 1973 to 1978. I recently got the DVD Welcome Back and my interest in ELP has rekindled. I was really impressed with your site.


Feb. 15, 2002

I visited. Nice site... good to see some faces for the names I see here [ELP-DISC Yahoo! Group - see our Related Links page]. BTW, I didn't read everything... scanned a bit. Was I correct? Is Tom a Lady of the Lake?


Jan. 2, 2002

I think it is really nice how all of you got together the way you did. I have been a huge ELP fan for 10 years now, but I still remember my discovery of all the great albums starting with Trilogy. I turned all my friends onto the music and made them go to shows with me. They caught the bug as well but not as badly as I had. I saw the Ringo tour this year and honestly can't remember Greg being as happy on stage. Maybe this diverse musical experience will carry on through his recording process and help him find his direction easier. It also will get the word out to other "walks of music," about how solid his musical abilities are. Anyway, best of luck with the website!


Sept. 9, 2001

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