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When we walked in, we immediately headed for the t-shirt stand. They had these incredible banners hanging around the perimeter of the four sided stand. I checked out what they were selling and waited for my turn with the vendor. "What can I do for you" he says. I pointed at the banner and said. "I'll take one of those." "They are not for sale" he says. "Sure they are" I said, "everything's for sale, how much would it take for you to get it down and sell it to me."

He said he couldn't do it. So I left.

I have no idea who opened the concert, but during the intermission I went back and waited in line again. The vendor says, "What can I do for ya." I said, "How about selling me that banner, I don't want a t-shirt, but I'll give 50 dollars for that banner. It's all I got on me tonight, so don't try to haggle the price up on me." He told me he'd check with the boss and that I should come back after the concert.

So I went back to my seat and enjoyed the concert. When the show was over I went back to my t-shirt vendor but this time I had my 50 dollars in my hand ready to make a hasty transaction. The t-shirt stand was being packed up and the audience was all heading for the exits. The vendor saw me coming. He reached into a box and pulled out the folded banner, gave me a knowing glance and I slipped the 50 bucks in his hand. The banner was mine. He told me, "Don't make a big show with that, just get out of here."

"Thanks" was all I said, and went to the car with my prize. When I got home I unfolded the banner and realized that it measured a whopping 3 feet high by 8 feet long. Where am I gonna hang this monster up? I don't know if it ever got hung up anywhere in my house for longer than a week. But it's mine and it's lasted longer than a 20 dollar t-shirt would have.

Many thanks to the Ladies Of The Lake for providing a place to display this thing after all these years.